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Animal & Human First Aid

"Our Mission, is to provide affordable professional and highly effective pet & human first aid training and mental health in the workplace courses with the aim to Preserve life, prevent further harm and promote recovery of both human and animal"
Mental Health

We provide a range of Mental Health courses for workplaces of all sizes. Whether you need to have your management team or just provide a base line for your teams.

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Supportive Friend
First Aid

First Aid for businesses is an essential element for any business to have as part of their staff's wellbeing, health & safety strategy and to ensure that your staff feel safe. 

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First Aid Training
Animal First Aid

We often forget about our Pets and animals around us, where we might ensure we know First Aid for staff, friends and families. We don't realise that our pets and animals needs this care and preparation as well.

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ProTrainings Approved Centre

The ProTrainings Approved Centre Badge is awarded to centres that meet the high quality standards set forth by ProTrainings. This centre is regularly monitored and quality assured by ProTrainings. Cairns Connection Training is extremely proud to have this badge.